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The Ultimate Wife

The Ultimate Wife Experience was birth out of the frustration of learning to be not just a wife and mother, but a woman in ministry on my own. Yes, I had being a wife and mother down pretty good, from the great examples I had in my Mother and Grandmother; but adding ministry was another level. The examples and mentors I saw were far and few. I believe we want to be the best women of God we can be, but haven't always been afforded the best opportunities for success. Ultimate means the best or most extreme of it's kind.


The Ultimate Wife Mentoring program helps women take a good look at themselves. Then ask, what is it that I need to be the best me I can be? The sessions and seminars are designed to have you take the challenge to strive for greatness. Whether you are married or single you will be stretched out of your comfort zone of being average. Greatness is on the inside of you and I am dedicated to getting it out of you. So join me as we embark on your life as an Ultimate Wife.

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Dr. Trina Davis
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